How Snoedels Work

The very first  Snoedel was created by a Dutch woman inspired by the birth of a friend’s premature infant. The Dutch word “snoedel” means “snuggle”. The body is 100% cotton flannel, the head is stuffed with pure clean and carded sheeps wool; Snoedels can be safely machine washed and dried. After being washed, a Snoedel should be re-infused with the parents’ scent.

Recent research suggests that just an hour after birth a newborn can locate his mother’s nipple by sense of smell. In addition to bringing comfort and reassurance, the sense of smell is one of the first things that bond a baby to its parents.

Snoedels bring comfort as “Aromatherapy of the very best kind – the scent of a mom”. They are designed specifically to absorb and retain a mother’s (or father’s) scent. Then when held or placed near a newborn or infant the scent is slowly released to comfort the baby, thus improving sleep, aiding in bonding, and soothing a baby’s crying or distress. A parent (preferably the mother) should sleep with the soft Snoedel for a couple of nights prior to giving the Snoedel to the baby. Snoedels can be “infused” this way before the baby is born, especially if a premature birth is anticipated, so that the baby can be given the Snoedel soon after birth when taken from mom and placed in an incubator.


Sleep with the Snoedel for 1 or 2 nights before using for the first time.

Position the Snoedel in baby’s bed so that the baby is able to smell the parent’s scent, which is now being slowly released.  We recommend laying the Snoedel in the corner of the crib or positioning the Snoedel so as not to interfere in anyway with the baby’s breathing for at least the first 3 months of age.


Machine wash in cold water, gentle cycle.  Do not use any bleach.  Machine dry, low heat.

After washing it will be necessary to reinfuse the Snoedel with your scent.


Snoedel was introduced to Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICUs) when the first Snoedel was made especially for a premature baby (preemie) born at Arnold Palmer Children’s Hospital of Orlando, FL. Preemies are usually separated from their parents and kept on ventilators, heart monitors, and other medical equipment. Instead of being totally isolated from the touch of his parents, this baby in NICU had the comfort and scent of his mother near him, slowly being released through the accompanying Snoedel, to ease the separation and continue the parent-to-baby bonding process. Impressed by the Snoedel with this one baby, the hospital was soon providing Snoedels to many infants in its NICU.

In addition, the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, after using Snoedels for only a month, admitted that “babies…feel more comforted and secure, especially as medical procedures are done,” from the unique smell of Mom or Dad captured in the soft cloth of the Snoedel.

A preemie “is out in the world before he or she should be, and this causes tremendous stress.  Using the scent of mom or dad is one step to counteract that stress, by creating a comfortable environment that gives them a sense of who they are.”

-Broward General Medical Center Spokeswomen