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Snoedel® is the Dutch word for “snuggle” and our Snoedels bring comfort to a newborn by absorbing and retaining their parent’s scent. When placed near a newborn, a Snoedel® can help to improve sleep, aid in bonding, and soothe a baby’s crying.

Give Your Newborn the Comfort of Your Presence…Even When You Are Not Near

As a parent, nothing is more important to you than the wellbeing of your child. And your child is comforted from being near you, particularly your scent.

But no one can be around their baby every moment of every day. What happens when you need to be away from your child? Snoedel® happens.

The Snoedel® (the Dutch term for “snuggle,” pronounced “snoodle”) is a one-of-a-kind lovey for any baby. The soft cotton and wool absorbs a parent’s scent. That way your baby can be comforted, feeling your soothing presence even while away from you.


Use Snoedel® as a Sleeping Aid

Snoedel Sleeping Aid

You may wish that your newborn would sleep right next to you, but that is not safe. With a Snoedel®, your baby can still feel your presence. Your baby gets peaceful rest—and so do you!

As your child gets older, the Snoedel® works as a snuggle scent doll. Your little one can use this lovey as a comfort item, grasping it tight and burying their face in the cool fabric to feel your love.

Use Snoedel® as a Bonding Aid for Preemies

There isn’t much that is harder for a parent of a newborn than the baby having to sleep in the NICU, away from your embrace. Snoedels have  been shown to bring comfort to a preemie during those challenging first weeks.

Even better, the Snoedel® helps the premature newborn bond with their parents, even when their parents are not allowed to be near.

This handcrafted baby blanket is the next best thing to a parent holding their newborn.

Easily Care For Your Snoedel®

You have enough to worry about to take care of your baby. Taking care of their comfort object doesn’t need to be added to the list.

We know that anything going near a newborn needs to be made with the highest-quality materials. So we use 100% cotton flannel for the body and pure clean and carded sheep’s wool as stuffing for the head. Unlike other security blankets, then, your Snoedel® will not easily pill, tear, or fall apart.

As a result, you have a snuggle doll that is super easy to clean. Our products can be easily machine-washed and dried. Re-infuse with your scent, and tada — this snuggly doll is ready to be cuddled by your little one!

Check Out What Others Have to Say About Snoedel®

We believe strongly that Snoedel® improves the lives of parents and babies. However, we aren’t the only ones.

We are proud of our strong ratings and reviews. After all, you can’t be too careful when it comes to your baby. Read what both parents and hospitals say about us.

“It’s a wonderful sleep aid & comfort doll. My son has had his since he was 2 days old. He has had it for over a year now. He loves it. Plays with it, chews on it, and cuddles with it. I plan on buying the toddler one soon and retiring this one to the keepsake box.” — Kathryn H.


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