We are proud to say that Snoedel has been used for over fifteen years to comfort hospitalized babies on ventilators, heart monitors, and other medical equipment. These infants in NIC units, physically separated from their parents, gain comfort from their parent’s scent captured in the 100% natural Snoedel doll fibers.

Postmodern nursing is focusing on the critical balance between caring and curing, and refreshing the blend of holistic therapies with the technical aspects of modern medicine.* As the costs to equip neonatal units rise dramatically, the Snoedel could be implemented as the most cost-effective and nonlabor-intensive healing therapy in a NICU.

The Snoedel is in conformity with the provisions of the Safety of Toys Directive (CE Mark) and can be sterilized for a hospital environment.

If you’re associated with a hospital and are interested in purchasing Snoedels in quantity of 20 or more at a discount, please contact

* – Jean Watson, PhD, RN, FAAN, HNC. Postmodern Nursing and Beyond.