Our Philosophy

“Aromatherapy of the very best kind – the scent of a mom”

Nothing on Earth is more important to you than a child you love. When you trust Snoedel to help take care of your precious little ones, we take that responsibility seriously.

As a result, while we have many different designs and styles, one thing that will never change is our commitment to quality. Every Snoedel product is handmade in the USA, using only the best fabrics. Snoedel bodies are made from 100% cotton flannel, and the Snoedel head is stuffed with pure clean and carded sheeps wool.



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The Snoedel Shop features our entire line of handcrafted items, all specially designed to aid sleeping and bonding from the newborn stage all the way through the toddler stage—and beyond!

The Original Snoedel

As the name suggests, our handkerchief doll is our signature product. That’s because it’s no ordinary lovey. A parent sleeps with the Snoedel for a few nights before giving it to the child. Our high-quality fabric blend absorbs the parent’s scent. The baby’s bond with the parent grows even stronger. Plus, the baby gets more restful sleep.

The Snoedel is great for newborns. You can set it in a corner of the crib, close enough that the baby can smell it but far enough away so that it won’t come anywhere near the infant’s airways.

The Snoedel is also a powerful tool for preemies. Indeed, many NICUs put a Snoedel in with the newborn. That way, the baby can still feel the powerful presence of parental love even when parents can’t be physically present.

Of course, most children grow attached to their lovey blankets and use them well into their childhood. And that is okay too!


Baby Blankets

The baby blanket store is perfect for parents of babies at multiple stages. Newborns can be swaddled up in the soft fabric and sense their parents. Older babies can have the blanket on top of them while they sleep, bringing warmth and again, bringing the feeling that a parent is near.

No matter what stage the baby is in, when the baby blanket smells like mommy or daddy, the little one is sure to feel comforted.


Snoedel and Blanket Sets

If you can’t decide between the Original Snoedel and our Snoedel baby blankets, you can get both!

In this section of the Snoedel shop, you can get a matching handkerchief doll and baby blanket. That way, your child always has at least one comfort object, even if one or the other is in the laundry.

Plus, you save almost $5 with the combo deal.


Toddler Snoedel

Just because your little one grows out of the infant stage doesn’t mean that he or she doesn’t still feel comforted by a lovey that smells like mommy or daddy. That’s why we created the Toddler Snoedel.

The Toddler Snoedel is twice the size of the Original Snoedel, so it is recommended for children age 1 and above. However, it is made with the same fabric blend as the original, including the special wool to help absorb a parent’s scent.

Your toddler will snuggle with the Snoedel at bedtime and clutch it while exploring all the new wonders of life. Learning to walk, talk, and interact with others can all be done with even more confidence when your toddler has the Snoedel by his or her side.

With such a lineup of quality products made in the USA, it is easy to see why so many parents and hospitals trust Snoedel for the special babies in their care. After all, our name literally means snuggle.