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The Original Snoedel doll was made by a Dutch woman after her friend gave birth to a premature infant. Snoedel is the Dutch word for “snuggle”, and is a lovey doll formed from a special blanket that is able to absorb and retain a loved one’s scent.

With this scent captured in the Snoedel doll, it can bring comfort to baby. For newborns, these scent dolls can help to improve sleep, soothe baby’s crying, and aid in bonding between parent and baby.


Why Shop for Snoedel Dolls? offers the Original Snoedel, made with 100% cotton flannel and 100% clean and carded sheeps wool. The wool can absorb scent while resisting mold. All of our products are made in “newborn-safe” conditions – environments free of tobacco and perfumes.

All products are handcrafted in the United States with love by women who care.

Snoedel dolls and baby blankets are easily machine washable, and can even be sterilized for hospital use in NICUs.


Comfort Baby with Scent

“Aromatherapy of the very best kind – the scent of a mom”

Mother’s scent to a baby can be very soothing. Snoedel dolls are ideal for preemies in the NICU, for newborns, and even for toddlers.

Snoedel Dolls as Sleeping Aids

Problem: You’ve just given birth to a premature baby or an infant who cries for long periods of time, but you cannot hold him or her at night or all night.

Promise: A Snoedel gently infused with the parents’ scent will provide comfort and soothe your crying baby to sleep.

Proposal: Give a Snoedel with parents’ scent to your newborn or infant. By introducing a Snoedel doll into a newborn’s life as soon as possible after birth, a comfort bond can be formed between parent and child. When baby is fussy or colicky, use a Snoedel to provide baby with comfort.


Baby Bonding Aids

When baby is born, many babies bond while breastfeeding or having skin-to-skin contact. When babies are in the NICU, it can be difficult to get skin-to-skin contact right away, and so it can often be difficult for preemies or babies in the NICU to bond with mom and dad.

However, a baby’s sense of smell can be sensitive, and parents’ scent can be a soothing presence. With a Snoedel doll, the mother and/or father can sleep with the Snoedel nearby for a few nights. The 100% cotton flannel and 100% cleaned wool materials of the Snoedel can absorb dad’s or mom’s scent.

Then you can put this Snoedel in your baby’s crib to help them feel safe and be comfortable. The scent doll smells like mommy or daddy so the baby likes it better and sleeps better. This can be very soothing in neonatal intensive care units, or in environments when mom or dad are not always available.

As baby gets older, they can use this Snoedel as a snuggle blanket or lovey. The soft doll can pacify and help calm baby. Machine wash when needed (or can be sterilized for hospital environments) and reinfuse with mom’s scent or dad’s scent.